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Hilldale village is situated in rural West Lancashire
The village is served by two local pubs, an Evangelical Church and a local primary school.
Part of the parish is in a conservation area.
In the nineteenth century the population in the area of Hilldale was quite small and housing limited to a scattering of farms and farm workers’ cottages. The opening of the quarry in the late 1880’s provided alternate source of employment until its closure in the 1970’s, and this, together with basket weaving and farming provided the main form of employment through the first half of the twentieth century.
The village in its time has been served by a variety of local business and shops.. a butcher, a blacksmith, a grocer, a taxi business, a shoe repair shop, fishmonger, tea rooms, a petrol station and even in the 1950’s a cinema seating 100 people !
The building of the small housing estate between Robin Lane and Beechfield resulted in an influx of new people into the village. The demands of late twentieth century living and people’s increased mobility and demand for choice, lead to a decline of local business.
Hilldale elected to break away from Wrightington Parish Council in 1999 and became a Parish Council in its own right.